About us

A reputation built on solid foundations

Every construction project has its story, and at McMahon & Culloty Construction, we do, too. Our story was formed when the owners of two successful Kerry-based businesses came together to offer a full-service construction company.

With more than 40 years of combined experience, Brian McMahon and John Joe Culloty had a vision for high-quality construction and a commitment to customer satisfaction. They believed that with open and frequent communication with clients, by putting together an expert team, and putting in place processes with objectives, timelines, and budgets, they could remove the elements of stress from their clients throughout the building project.

Now under the exclusive leadership of Brian McMahon, McMahon & Culloty is continuing on these important traditions to deliver construction projects of superior quality throughout Munster.

McMahon & Culloty

Our Values

Client focus

Our long-standing reputation rests on our ability to listen to what our customers want, and our passion for your projects. We keep the lines of communication open and are there to guide you and answer questions throughout the project.

Single-source responsibility

You won’t have to ring five different numbers to keep track of all the work being done on your house. McMahon & Culloty’s hallmark is the single point of contact: all you need is one phone number for the duration of your project.

Superior quality

Our carefully selected team are experts in their field with a high degree of skill and expertise. We run our business with integrity, honesty, and dependability, so when you come to us, you know your project will be carried off with superior quality and attention to detail.